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Well, Ashlee Simpson Found Her Rebound

Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz what seems like an hour ago, she’s being mad shady about sharing custody of their son Bronx, and to top it off, we now know she’s, at the very least, canoodling with. Don’t know who that is? Me neither, but he’s in some pop punk band called Chiodos. To top it off? His band is signed to Pete’s record label and one of his personal friends. Nice, Ashlee!

Rumors of Pete’s “erratic behavior” being the cause of their split sound even less credible now that we’ve seen this. I am defender #1 of any and all Simpsons (except Joe,) but fucking a close friend of your ex is a really great way to say, “I’d like to cause you a lot of emotional pain and alienate you on as many levels as possible.”

Not a good look, girl.

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  • oh god i clicked on the second thumbnail to see ashlee’s cute red sweater and was sorely disappointed. that’s a girl pose!

  • That’s why she’s nicknamed “Asslee”. She and her hillbilly family all need multiple smacks upside the head.

  • Do some research, Molls. All you would have had to do is look at his wiki to find out that not only is Chiodos not even close to a pop-punk band, but that Craig hasn’t even been in Chiodos for well over a year now. His name’s Craig Owens and he’s the front man for the hardcore band Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (DRUGS). He’s a big deal in the scene. Very, very talented. Way more talented than Pete, that’s for sure

  • No wonder rock sux now if you think this guy’s band is ‘hardcore’. Typical emo shit with girly vocals. Standard. By the numbers. Boring. Calculated.