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Say Some Prayers for Your Fellow Humans, Guys

As you’re probably all aware by now, a massive 8.9 earthquake has hit Japan, sending a tsunami wave behind it, which destroyed a lot of stuff in its path. Hundreds have been found dead, and many more are still missing. People are stranded, homes are destroyed, worried families can’t get in touch with their loved ones, and the results of the quake and tsunami are beginning to be physically felt around the world. The west coast of the US and South America are targeted with tsunami warnings, and another earthquake has hit Hawaii, which Fox News claims is totally unrelated to the quake that hit Japan earlier in the morning.

Say a prayer, guys. These poor people – just say some prayers, send good vibes, well wishes, start figuring out ways to help, whatever. These people need all of the thoughts – and more – that they can get right now.

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  • I wonder how many prayers were being said for all the people out of work and driven into homelessness here. Fuck a prayer and fuck japan. Most people dont give a shit about other people, theres just so much pressure on being correct and so much insecurity that people fold on it. Stop acting like we’re not a bunch of douchebags when its obvious that we are.