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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Got Divorced for Many Reasons

A photo of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson

But this photo from New Year’s Eve kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

In the days following one of the more surprising celebrity break ups in recent memory (I know, I know, Sarah called it, but not everyone is as astute as we are), there have been all sorts of reports naming the reasons why the marriage failed.  However, the only official thing we know is that tired old “irreconcilable differences” claptrap, so I’m going to bring you guys a couple of rumors that I heard on the street.

1. Ashlee is bluffing to keep Pete from touring.  This is the one that I want to be true because it allows for a nice little romantic ending in which Pete realizes how much he loves Ashlee and changes his vagabond ways to settle down with his family, and in my version, this doesn’t break his spirit at all.  This is the one I’m voting for.

2. Ashlee is so over Pete’s “erratic behavior.” In this version, Ashlee’s been “extremely unhappy for a long time,” while Pete has been pleased as punch with their marriage and unaware that Ashlee didn’t feel the same way.  I think this is the saddest reason – it paints a tragic picture of Pete being happy for once in his whole tortured life and then getting the rug pulled out from under him.

3. They married too young. This is extremely plausible, and probably a factor of the split any way you look at it.  This has happened at least once to every female in my family – you’re out there, living your life, you meet some nice boy, you get knocked up, so you follow through and marry the dude, and everything’s cool for a few years until you settle into the fact that this is your life, and it’s not what you wanted.  I’m not saying that this story always has this ending, I’m just saying that I’ve seen it go that way a good few times.

4. Ashlee’s too into partying and drinking to be settled down right now. A few days before she filed for divorce, Ashlee was seen at a nightclub, knocking back the Grey Goose and having a good ol’ time.  Apparently, she’s been doing this kind of thing for a while, this “partying and being out of control,” and that’s an “outlet for her unhappiness.”

There you have it, the possible reasons for the Simpson-Wentz divorce.  Which way are you guys leaning?

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    • The hard partying tends to occur after you’ve realized your relationship is on the way out the door. Like preemptive grieving (been there, done that)

  • You know that creepy old uncle you only see at weddings and family reunions? The one that always insists on giving you a kiss on the lips and you turn your face away at the last second so his pervy lips didn’t touch yours? They both look like they’re doing that. I’d like to see a full body shot to see if they’ve got their asses stuck way out to keep as much distance as possible.