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American Idol Recap: Pia Toscano Rips It Up With ‘I’ll Stand By You’

So for the first time since, like, the show began, this is the first year that I haven’t watched American Idol with rapt attention. It wasn’t even because, you know, Simon left. I was more busted up about the departure of Paula Abdul a few seasons ago, but when the time came for the Idol premiere earlier in the year, it also went, and I happened to miss it. I then missed it each week thereafter, and up until watching the above clip, I hadn’t seen a second of this season.

However, THIS GIRL CAN WAIL. Pia Toscano? Even though your name sounds like a chick that The Situation would be proud of banging, or worse, a castmember on Jersey Shore, you gained some serious Idol cred last night. I project that this girl, if not the winner, will be in the top three – and I haven’t even seen the other contestants. (Do I need to?)

Are you guys watching? Do you have a favorite? Does this year suck hard?

I guess I may as well go ahead and make girlfriend a category – it’s probably going to be used quite a bit in the coming months.

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  • I’m the opposite- I haven’t watched Idol in YEARS yet this season I cannot stop watching. There are 3-4 boys who are just as talented as Pia (they sang on Tuesday). I highly recommend getting into this season- Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are doing a great job as judges, too. Everything to love, and nothing to hate!

  • I’m with Rose, i haven’t watched religiously in years and I think Steven and J.Lo are fuckin’ KILLIN it this season. As for this Pia character, I don’t remember seeing her before last night. I’m all for that skinny redhead and the fat country singer.

  • I’m not impressed. This is a great song and anyone with a voice that doesn’t suck would do a good job. Plus she didn’t do anything exceptional. Nah, I don’t see it.

  • I think she is good… but are they serious? Sarah, can you not hear it at the end too?? When she says the last “I’ll stand..” She yells that crap! There’s a difference between singing high and loud and it sounding good, and then screaming! Geeze, why can’t people hear anymore?