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And This is What Taylor Momsen Wears to Get Coffee

photo of taylor momsen walking in nyc no pants pictures

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO CRAZY IMPRESSED OVER THE FACT that Taylor Momsen is THIS HARDCORE. I mean, she FUCKS FOR SATAN, ffs. She wears GARTER BELTS as PANTS. She fronts a BAND called The Pretty RECKLESS and WALKS HER TINY, RAT-ASS DOG in PUBLIC, for ALL THE WORLD to see.

She MAKES ME TYPE IN ALL CAPS and THAT, my friends?

Is the be-all, end-all of HARDCORE.

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  • She’s fucking adorable! God. Why the hell not. If I had her legs I’d probably wear something even more ridiculous to get coffee in. In fact, I did, when I had her legs. She’s releasing. At least it’s only in the form of smoking and sexuality as far as we know, for now.

    • are you kidding? Her legs look like they belong to a very tall 10 year old. Those are NOT a woman’s legs.

  • I think she’s brilliant. And why should a 16-17 year old express her look in unique ways? God knows I did.

  • I personally love her. She dresses different and that’s okay. She doesn’t bother me none because she is famous because she is talented. I hate people that are in the news for being in the news. She werid I love it and she isn’t going to change no matter how many negative comments she gets.

  • her legs look crooked and broken like someone snapped two branches off a tree. Then they made a 6 year old stand on them like stilts put on stockings and garters so she wouldn’t fall, put her in a skanky skirt and said “Now go get me some coffee!”