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Are You Guys Over Jersey Shore Yet?

So tomorrow premieres the new season of the Shore, and Angelina’s replacement is none other than a look-alike, meatball-esque friend (their words, not mine) of Snooki’s.

The above preview features Angelina Pivarnick’s replacement, Deena Nicole Cortese, and she’s a New Jersey resident that’s, and I quote, a ‘party in a shot glass.’ I’m not sure what that means, and I don’t quite think it makes much sense, but hey. Who am I to judge – I am neither tan, nor juiced, and certainly don’t know my way around a shot glass.  Gracious.

Really though … Are you guys still watching this crap?

Jersey Shore: Over it?
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  • I have been over Jersey Shore since….. oh wait. I was never into this dumb show to begin with. Its terrible, and the fact that THIS is what our entertainment quality has come to is disgusting.

    • it makes perfect sense. did you miss the boldface question above the poll? “jersey shore: over it?”