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The Jersey Shore Claims Another Victim

Sammi Giancola

Jersey Shore didn’t “claim another victim” as in they recruited another member, by the way.  They didn’t kill someone either.  They just have new assault charges filed against them.

Last Saturday, Sammi allegedly punched some girl, Kristen DeMinco, a good few times because she was talking to Ronnie.  I think that’s totally understandable, Sammi was just protecting her relationship.  If you were dating a man as wonderful as Ronnie, wouldn’t you do the same?  But now Kristen is all up in arms, filing charges just because she got a couple knocks to the head.  Kristen also plans to sue Sammi for damages, which is ridiculous, because Sammi could just sue her right back for damaging her reputation.  You think about that before you go making any rash decisions, Ms. DeMinco.

Just kidding, you guys, assault is not a laughing matter.  Except when your nickname is Sweetheart.  Then it’s a little funny.

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