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Let’s Pre-Game Tonight’s Oscar Fashion With Disappointing Fashion from The Independent Spirit Awards!

A photo of Natalie Portman at the Independent Spirit Awards

Seriously, all this ridiculousness better be because everybody’s going to go all out at the Oscars.  I’m about over the mediocrity and the trashiness of this year’s award season.

By the way, in case you care about the actual awards, Natalie Portman won Best Actress again, and James Franco won Best Actor for 127 Hours, which I hope is a good sign for the Oscars. I just love that stoner so much.  You can check out the rest of the winners here, but let’s go ahead and jump into the gallery.

This gallery includes photos of Natalie Portman continuing on her janked maternity tour, Nicole Kidman with whatever’s left of her face, a bunch of attractive dudes, Melissa Leo, who can’t do anything wrong (I didn’t see The Fighter, but I can talk about her work on the 90’s crime drama Homicide: Life on the Street for days), and a bonus picture of Rosario Dawson grabbing Paul Rudd’s junk.  How’s that for a start to your Sunday morning?

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  • The bad is just out of proportion here. I’m so confused! I thought the Independent Spirit awards was something where you got a little wacky, yeah, but I also thought that meant you wear, like, Galliano instead of Versace. Not, “I know, I’ll wear something so hideous to IS, no matter what I wear to the Academy Awards will look great by comparison.” And what is UP with the white dress/black tight combo, which occurs more than once? I didn’t even try to pull that shit in the 90s. In summation, all I can say is it’s rough when Anne Heche is the only attendee who looks like she knows what she’s doing. Think about that, man: Anne. Celestia. Heche.