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Love It or Leave It: Natalie Portman as Budget Chorus Girl

A photo of Natalie Portman

Listen, I love Natalie, I really do.  And I would like to say that my love is unconditional, but I’m not a liar, and if Natalie shows up in one more boring dress with a bedazzled collar and cuffs, the whole thing’s off.  For real, I’ve seen bolts of felt that misguided costume designers stapled and hot glued into a dress shape that were in the same family as this nonsense. It’s offensive, and it’s not ok.

Is it because of the pregnancy?  If nothing else, the dress does look comfortable, and maybe she’s in the “fuck all y’all, I’m wearing what I want and I don’t care what anybody has to say about it” mode that I’ve heard from a good amount of pregnant women.  Or hey, maybe the dress is actually cute.  I guess anything is possible in this mad, mad world.

Speaking of the pregnancy, I went ahead and included a gallery of Natalie Portman in various poses so you can see the baby bump – she’s definitely showing!

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