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Caption This: Justin Bieber Shows Rihanna His Cool New App or Whatever

Is it just me, or has no one, in the history of cellphones, ever had something so interesting to show you that they needed to be like, “OMG, LOOK AT THIS!”? I’m sorry, for some reason, people wanting me to look at their cellphone to read some dumb text message or Tweet is my biggest pet peeve. And if it’s one of those Hipstamatic photos? Please. Just spare me the moment of having to pretend to care about your lame life.

Anyway, that’s exactly what Justin Bieber did to Rihanna yesterday at the NBA All-Star game. She was being a much better sport about it than I would have been (“Fuck off, Bieber!”) but that’s the kind of behavior I expect from a queen such as herself.

And check out these photos below and tell me that Biebs isn’t practically shitting himself with joy that he was seated next to RiRi. Hope Selena isn’t the jealous type.

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