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Mel Gibson Is So Crafty!

A photo of Mel Gibson

Photos via TMZ

We haven’t really heard a lot about Mel Gibson lately.  He’s a racist, mysoginistic dick, that’s been a pretty solid theme throughout the summer.  With that in mind, I guess it makes sense that Mel would want to take extra precaution to see that he’s not recognized when he goes about his business.  These photos are of one such disguise.

I’m going to give this a solid C.  And C is average, you guys, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.  I just don’t think there’s anything impressive about slapping on a mustache and telling yourself that it will make you unrecognizable.  I might pull the old “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” line, but that would be a lie, because I am both mad and disappointed.  Mel’s done a good few movies, and he can’t be bothered to get a little creative?  It takes maybe five minutes to apply a prosthetic nose, a good ten minutes to carefully shave off your eyebrows and draw new ones on, and perhaps thirty seconds to pull on a good lucha libre mask.  Fuck you, Mel Gibson.  I hope you’re allergic to that spirit gum and your face gets so inflamed that you have trouble making those disgusting angry panting noises that you seem so fond of.  I’m knocking you down to a D.

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