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Mel Gibson’s Latest Horrifying Recording

Radar has posted another audio clip of Mel Gibson spewing hate at Oksana, and this one’s about eight minutes long.  It’s also a little more intense – I couldn’t get through the whole thing.  In the clip, Mel threatens to kill Oksana twice and tells her she deserved his abuse.  He also tells her that she treats him “like shit” and she “fucking used” him, all while panting like a dog.  I’m not going to post some of the more vivid quotes, you can listen to the audio if you’re so inclined, but mostly I’m just kind of shocked over the whole thing.  And it’s not even that the dad from The Patriot or fucking Braveheart could say such things, it’s that anyone can say such things.

Over the weekend, Mel was dropped by his agents, and he’s currently up for three possible offenses:  domestic violence, child endangerment, and assault with a deadly weapon.  It looks like this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back (the straw being this particular showcase of Mel’s overwhelming hate and anger issues, the camel being the entertainment industry’s unwavering love for Mel Gibson).  Let’s hope that Mel can just get locked in a cell, padded or otherwise, and at the very least not be able to graphically threaten death to the mother of his child.  That’s about all I’m willing to hope for at this point.

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  • I don’t even know him and I hate him. He is dangerous and sick and needs to be locked away somewhere where he can’t hurt anyone anymore. he sounds exactly like my ex husband. He started screaming the exact same kinds of things at me, and more. Then he startred throwing shit at me and shoving me. I left. This fucker is CRAZY.. I am speaking from experience. It’s pretty clear now that he probably treated his ex wife like this for 30 yeras and she finally got the the nerve to leave him.. cause this kind of behavoir just doesn’t start up overnight. He’s probably been like this all his adult life and probably witnessed it as a child himself. Any judge who would EVER allow this BEAST to spend one second alone with that baby should be drawn and quartered.

  • He doesn’t seem to be dealing with this situation very well at all. I guess this means he’s headed for the loony bin and his career’s over. Dang, I was really looking forward to “The Passion of the Christ – Part II”.

  • This is a very, very sick man who we should all pray for. Holy crap. I hope his career can FINALLY be over now.

    • You are the only person decent enough to ask that people pray for him. Mark Twain once said that no one ever prays for the soul of the Devil – the one creature who needs prayer beyond all others. I will say little prayers for Mel Gibson; I don’t believe it will help however. This is a malevolent man who appears almost beyond any form of redemption. Clearly he is a brilliant actor – until these recordings were made public, I never would have believed that the ugly, evil being that lives inside him ever existed. I find it absolutely flabbergasting that he believes himself to be a devout, religious person. Just which God it is, that he professes to worship, though, I am sure I don’t know. And, it is not just his career that is over, it is his life – he is being abandoned, quite justly, by his friends. Who wants to call “friend” a man whose heart and mind are a dark, vile pit? Chances are, he will be ostracized and rejected to the end of his days. And if he is, he will, quite sadly, have richly deserved it.

  • Amen to that, Beet. He is so so sick. Its like he’s possessed or something. Scary, even if Oksana was just golddigging, that crap is scary.

  • Those two liked their romance intense, violent and dirty.. then they suddenly broke up and MEL didn’t make nice with the loot and presents before he took a hike…

    • How fucking rad would it be if this comment really was left by Mel?!?! Ha ha! What a waste of skin!

  • I really want to see an in-depth interview with his ex-wife. She was probably forced into signing a non-disclosure agreement, but damn, can you imagine?

  • i’ve lived with an abuseive man ( mostly mental some physiCAL believe me the last thing you want to do is get them goin when there drunk, especially if you truley scared for yourlife, and when they are in a total rage the last thing you think about is recording peices of conversation. funny we don’t get to hear the wholeconversation as said that got him so enraged he totaly lost it. not saying any of his comunication skills were in any way aproprate or ever close to acceptable. people say the darnedest things when pushed over the edge. men do the crazyest things when they realize they were dupe, used, manipulated, especaly when the cared and trusted. lokked like he believed and trusted in the relationship, he sunk enough money into herto futher her dreams in life. videos, modeling gigs, she always looked well dressed. what did she come to the relagtionship with, besides looks. funny in his drunked tempertantrum he used words like lier, user, ungrateful, he’s upset with there sex life, then calles hera whore. did she not want him anymore and did he bust her with someone else. he sure is still very jealous of her, Why. what happened to the trust. then the lawyers are saying she’s usiing the baby as leverage to extort more mony out of him. what- pay or you;ll never see the baby, pay or i’ll ruine your career. WE ALL KNOW HE”S GOT A TEMPER. gez she’s making good money for 2-3 years of a bad dating relationship. wonder when she goes threw the (what) 8 mil she’ll find another mark. WANTED OLD MAN WHO STILL THINKS HE”S 30, NEEDS ANGER PROBLEMS IS eazy TO Minipulate. WILL love him to death till get pregnant, then tword the end of pregnancy will document evidence of what a horrable man he was so i can minipulate mllions out of him and live happy and party on his mony. BETTER than wealfare. if this was real and she was scared, he would be the one calling, NOT her. and she would be taping whole conversations just in case he acted up. the recorder would be started. she would answer the phone, HI….

  • All his fault was to have a nerve to stand against Zionism that controls entertainment industry. SInce then they are trying to finish him up.

    • carforsale:
      Your commentary is very stupid and pathetic, you´re probably another loser on the run…..right??

  • why don’t you stupid people leave the man alone , like you never fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and let the government tell us about the real news thats happen in this world instead hiding behind;;;;;;;;;and letting everybodies glued to what happen to Mel Gibsen and his girlfriend 24/7