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What the Hell Are You Doing, Tila?

picture of tila tequila rolling around on the ground

Our lady crazy, Tila Tequila, was in attendance at last night’s Maxim Hot 100 party last night in LA. As per normal, she was photographed on her back, flashing her lady bits and acting a fool.

How the hell does she even get invited to these things? Honestly. Maybe I should head out to Hollywood and flash my nether regions for all to see and maybe, just maybe the myth of Tila’s hypnotizing chocha can be debunked. Is it Tila-crotch that makes the world go ’round, or is it just grimy cooter in general?

More photos of Tila stopping, dropping and rolling in the gallery.

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  • the fact that no one has commented on something related to this trash speaks volumes