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New Couple Alert: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams?

photo of ryan gosling michelle williams kissing

Okay, I might have to kill myself. Really. Ryan Gosling is like, my man. There’s a whole slew of male celebrities that I find to be uber-attractive, but Gosling tops the list. Then Adrien Brody, then Bear Grylls … the rest is just fluff.

Have you heard of the new movie, Blue Valentine? Cool fucking story. Gosling and Williams filmed this movie — no lie — last spring in the town in which I last lived, Honesdale, Pennsylvania. I remember hearing that Gosling was coming to town and was completely depressed that I wasn’t going to be around to see him or meet him or rape him, because I was moving, like, two weeks after they were to commence filming. The whole (tiny) town was abuzz — it was as if they’d never seen celebrities before, but that wasn’t true. An older movie, Wet, Hot, American Summer was filmed there, too, sometime back in 2001 or something.

Anyway, I was totally just getting off on the fact that I was sharing the same town as my mega-celeb crush, Ryan Gosling and it, to that point, was enough for me. I was ready to pack up and leave the little town behind me, sans-seeing Ryan Gosling and be okay with it. I’d made my peace.

However, the early, early morning I was set to embark upon my 5+ hour drive south, I had to go into town and gas up the old vehicle. Driving down a dark side street, I slowed to see some blockades illuminated by spotlights on one of the crossways. I bit my lip and said a quick prayer that they were, indeed, shooting some scenes for Blue Valentine. And guess what. They fucking were. I drove (verrrrry, verryyyy) slowly past the scene and caught my first-person glimpse of Ryan Gosling, and I’ll never forget it: he wore a flannel button-down shirt and dark pants, had about six weeks worth the growth of facial hair and wore a faded baseball cap. Though it was about 3 or 4 AM and still wicked dark, I had gotten my wish: to see Ryan Gosling in person. Lame, lame, I know. Whatever.

The movie, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this past week (the initial premiere was at the Sundance Festival back in January), was said to open to rave reviews. I totally want to see it, just because I used to live there. Oh, yeah, and because Ryan Gosling’s in it. The movie was said to be such a hit because the chemistry between the two main characters, played by Gosling and Michelle Williams, was thick enough to cut with a dull butter knife. The on-screen couple were also said to be quite cozy at Cannes, holding hands and … gulp … nuzzling. And People magazine is claiming rumors about love on the set to be true:

“You know actors who meet on movie sets,” [People‘s exclusive source] said. “It can be the most romantic place in the world.”

The most romantic place in the world. Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Where I briefly lived for three years. Forty miles east of my hometown of Scranton (yeah, home of The Office). See what happens? I fucking move away and Ryan Gosling falls in love in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Why not me, God? Why not me?

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  • I absolutely loveeeee Ryan Gosling! I am from St.Thomas, ON (hometown of Rachel McAdams) and I used to get sooo excited when rumours that she was coming to see her family buzzed. A lot of those times she brought Ryan, so it made for some exciting summer celebrity stakeouts.. hehe.

  • my heart is now aching too.
    seriously, i even feel a bit nauseous.
    thanks sarah for ruining my life by sharing this information.

    i swear, michelle has this indie cred that gets her the pick of the litter.
    i guess i should not be surprised that gosling was drawn to her she does seem pretty fabulous.

    my day sucks now.


    Ryan Gosling, Adrien Brody and Bear Grylls?!?! Add James Marsden and James Franco and you’ve got my top five. I’ve never liked you so much. Everyone thinks I’m weird for liking Adrien Brody but I think he’s so attractive.

    • Oh, I definitely agree with you on James Marsden (he’s ALMOST a little too pretty for my liking, but he’s still under the radar) and James Franco … Mmm, mmm, mmm!

      I get you on the Adrien Brody thing … people are always like, “WTF?” but my, oh, my.

    • oh yes, Ryan Gosling & Adrien Brody.. I have to look up Bear Grylls cause not sure who that is..but guessing I will love him too. and YES to James Franco. So much hotness in one paragraph ;)

    • I am in LOVE with Adrien Brody and always get the wtf from everyone about it! Its nice to know in not alone on that one!

    • I love, love, love Adrian Brody. If I could sleep with any man in the world I would choose him. He is just so fucking sexy!!! I don’t usually like skinny guys, but I’m crazy about him.

  • I could never understand why people like Ryan Gosling so much.
    His father lives in the town I’m from (in Ontario), and he’s only came to visit once, that I know of. He brought Rachel McAdams, and they were wandering around the mall. I’ve never heard him admit that he has any ties to this city, which makes a lot of people here upset, as we all know he attended highschool here before he got into the Mickey Mouse Club.
    He’s just too good for Canada now, I guess.

  • Adrien Brody hooked up with PARIS HILTON recently. You might want to rethink his sex appeal. I know I have :(

  • Many moons ago, I went to school with Ryan and used to sit with him on the bus everyday, ended up eating lunch with him once. It was just before he left to film breaker high so definitely definitely not a big deal.
    I’ll tell the big fans, he’s a lovely guy – very shy but very lovely and always polite. I’m hoping fame hasn’t changed him much. Hope he finds happiness, I think him and Michelle look like a good match.

  • Ewwwwwwwww. No no no no no no, how does that chick get all the hot guys? She’s not even that attractive, and she’s sooooo blah or something, she has no kind of appeal whatsoever. Anyhoot, this story was confirmed false on already, but she needs to stay away I believe, she’s not good/pretty/interesting enough for him, she already managed to get Heath to knock her up before his passing and produce his offspring, so with that said, he needs to go back to Rachel, now THAT is a good coupling.

  • out of curiosity, how would it be perceived if a male author lamented a missed chance to rape a female actress, even in jest?