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Tila Tequila Talks Back

Tila Tequila Says she really is bisexual

Tila is responding to the rumors that she’s not really bi on her blog.

ohhhh God dear lord have mercy! I BARELY just got back from a 15 hour flight from Australia and the minute I land there is a TON of media lies about me out! Today NEW YORK POST “PAGE SIX” wrote an article about me full of LIES! …

First of all, let me just say that whomever they are getting their “sources” from needs to be fired real fast! I find it absolutely absurd that they would even make such an ignorant statement such as ” She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all.”

That is such an absurd stereotype to place on all women and it just shows people how ignorant people can be! The thing that made me laugh the most and how you can tell the “source” was lying was because how they talk about me so called having a boyfriend and they said “He’s like….5 years older then her” Just look at the way they talk about it. Apparently these are made up rumors. People are really silly to have so much time on their hands to call up newspapers and make up lies. Second of all….how could I always be “late” when I could never leave on the first place??? We filmed at MY reality house so that means that I lived in the house with everyone else. I was never allowed to leave….ever…not even to meet up with friends for lunch! That’s the way it worked. The producers wanted the contestants and I to be really engaged in each other so they thought it would be best that I never leave or have contact with the outside world! HELLLOOO! Arriving late…pshhhh…my ass! Another funny thing was how they said I never even talk to contestants between takes. Can we say “HA HA HA?” because there were no “TAKES” seeing how it’s a reality show. They producers just keep filming us as we go live and then they take all the footage to edit the episodes….so there’s not any time for “RE-TAKES” you think all the girlfights and our crying was shot like more than once? I think not, and if that were the case then DAMN….where are our Academy Awards for our fabulous acting skills??? Pfffft!

You know what? People can say whatever they want about me. My whole life I have been judged so that’s nothing new to me so I don’t feel the need to justify my sexuality to anyone! One minute, back in the day when I was still modeling, people talked shit about me for being “lesbian” for shooting sexy pictures with other females and now I’m too “straight” come one….who’s really the confused one here? Definitely not me! HA!


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  • That’s right Bitches! Don’t talk shit and you won’t get schooled! Hahaha!! Thank you Tila!! I was so pissed when I heard those rumors, your a princess! Muh!

  • I don’t think Tila is cute, at all. Did you guys check her out with out any make-up? She was nasty, nasty, nasty looking! I am surprised the boys didn’t run off after seing her that way! That goes for Amanda too…man, does she look nasty without her clown make-up!

  • “He’s like….5 years older then her” Just look at the way they talk about it. – Um, that’s how people in L.A. talk! Duh. We all insert “like” into every sentence.

    I saw Tila Tequilla and her boyfriend in a club. You can believe her blog but she didn’t say she’s bi-sexual, she’s just saying the rumors are stupid.

    ‘Tila Tequilla’s like straight not bisexual.’

  • I dont know if she(tila) is lying or not and its making me soo mad i don’t know if she is bi or not i wanna hope she is for the sake of me falling in love with the show and i think its soo cute if it was all fake id be mad!

  • She is so lame. I cannot stand her and how MTV has used her lame popularity on Myspace to make yet another (un)reality show. Shes a dropout and is not a person who should be looked up too. I hope she is exposed so young girls know her real agenda.

    She will probably end up in an L.A. massage parlor sooner or later.

  • I do not know if Tila has a boyfriend or doesn’t. I do not know if she is bi sexual or not. Honestly you have to take it for what it is. If that kind of thing entertains you then watch it and don’t think about whether it is fake or not! If its not your thing then just don’t watch it! She seems like a very sweet person on the show. You really shouldn’t comment on it if you do not watch the show.
    If she isn’t bi at least she’s bringing different sexual preferences into the mainstream. There is not any harm in spreading acceptance no matter what. I am straight as an arrow. But I find it incredibly sad that people who are bi or gay have lived in secret for so many years. The more main stream it becomes the more comfortable people will feel to just be themselves and spread there love (no matter what sex it is for).
    Let’s face it. If you had a boyfriend or girlfriend and VH1 offered you a reality show and promised fame and money let’s face it, you’d be the first one to sign up! I sure as Heck would.
    To RJ as much as I am about acceptance I cannot accept the comment about the massage parlor. That is pretty disgusting. Do you even realize what you are insinuating? That because Tila (a beautiful woman) is going to end up prostituting herself in a massage parlor because she is Vietnamese? That is one of the most ignorant blogs I have ever read. Get some education.
    Here’s to ALL REALITY SHOWS THAT ENTERTAIN US! Lie to me don’t lie to me just give me some mindless entertainment so I can escape from my daily life!
    Good Luck to all Gay, Straight, and Bi sexual people!

  • lea,
    Stop yourself. The reason people watch these shows or anything like them is precisely for the TRUTH element! If anyone knew beforehand that these shows were fake, who in the hell would watch!?! And there are those of us who hope to find something on television that is entertaining and able to make us think. The premise of this show ideally makes that possible. Not everyone wants to be brain dead.

  • Oh jeez Kevin. There is so much I could say to that. You think that Tila Tequila is going to make you think? Think about what? They ate cow penis and cleaned cars with their naked bodies. I seem what you mean it definitely was based on pure intellectual stimulation! If you are watching Tila Tequila for the hope of educating yourself you must have an IQ of 10. That makes absolutely No sense. If you are looking for something that will make you think try the discovery channel. In all honesty what you just said is like saying you watch general hospital to make you think. If you want to do something to make you think read a book don’t watch reality tv! Reality television has made its way into our world because it IS mindless entertainment and over the top and ridiculous. That is what its for. If you have different expectations I am terribly sorry for you because you are going to be disappointed time and time again.
    If Tila Tequila were 100 percent true and you were watching this to make you think I am not the one who is brain dead my dear.
    Furthermore as far as who would watch the show if it were fake. Let me point out to you the many people who are blogging all over the internet that they think it is fake yet watched the last episode that should answer your question. That is like saying who would watch any show that has actors on it or anything else that wasn’t reality.
    You should really use that MIND POWER of yours before you post on here.

  • Oh jeez Kevin. There is so much I could say to that. You think that Tila Tequila is going to make you think? Think about what? They ate cow penis and cleaned cars with their naked bodies. I seem what you mean it definitely was based on pure intellectual stimulation! If you are watching Tila Tequila for the hope of educating yourself you must have an IQ of 10. That makes absolutely No sense. If you are looking for something that will make you think try the discovery channel. In all honesty what you just said is like saying you watch general hospital to make you think. If you want to do something to make you think read a book don’t watch reality tv! Reality television has made its way into our world because it IS mindless entertainment and over the top and ridiculous. That is what its for. If you have different expectations I am terribly sorry for you because you are going to be disappointed time and time again.
    If Tila Tequila were 100 percent true and you were watching this to make you think I am not the one who is brain dead my dear.
    Furthermore as far as who would watch the show if it were fake. Let me point out to you the many people who are blogging all over the internet that they think it is fake yet watched the last episode that should answer your question. That is like saying who would watch any show that has actors on it or anything else that wasn’t reality.
    You should really use that MIND POWER of yours before you post on here. You must be so embarrassed!

  • I dont think Tila’s a hoe
    but that show was prety stupid
    Like why would you say your a bisexual??
    and then you end up choosing a guy anyway?
    that was pretty point less to me!
    but its for entertainment
    and by her starting off the show saying she was bi
    made people wanna turn to it all the time
    Like I admit when she said that I was like
    damn I gotta watch this!!
    because it draws the viewers attention.
    And being in the t.v. buisness that’s what they want
    so I dont know if she’s really a bisexual
    or what
    but that show was entertaining to watch
    so thats all that matters is the rates that they get
    from people watching the show.

  • Why on earth are you people burning all this energy talking about that waste of space (Tila). Bad or good, any publicity helps the pig….STOP IT!!!!

  • Honestly, if Tila really were looking for true love, I don’t think she’d be looking for it on reality TV (or at least that’s what the claims of MTV stake – “reality” TV).

    Tila may say that she wasn’t acting, but you can’t expect a show like this to be without some kind of writers?
    Just like many other shows, AMNT, Beauty and the Geek, etc., what you’re seeing isn’t neccessarily spur-of-the-moment groundbreaking action, considered it was probably written and scripted before the contestants even got to the house.

  • HUH??? awwwww i think Tila Nguyen, is the cutest lil women i`ve ever seen.
    I love her cute lil freakles too, she looks sooo much more beautiful without make-up, shes was blessed with beauty and a sweet voice.

    Do what your doing girl, i will always back you up, whatever you do.

    Tae from London, England

  • why is it soo hard to believe that she’s actually bisexual O.o
    are you guys like homophobic/biphobic or something ??
    if she wants to be bi than LET HER BE
    like get off her case Jeez

    maybe this whole reality tv thing isn’t exactly COMPLETE reality but that doesn’t mean they were scripted lines .. and told how to act and do certain things
    and just cuz she chose a guy at the end doesn’t make her straight
    i’m pretty sure … she had other reasons for choosing the guy …

    personally i think tila’s awesome
    and i think she’s soo pretty

  • hey she is pretty but gross a nasty girl she thinks she has a sexy doll body and she can model it naked ewwwwwwwww ! and amanda is pretty okay and i like her tila is nasty !!!!!!!!!!!!! my dad dose not like her he can’t watch her shows haha!lol

  • okay..why HONESTLY do people care? tila dont give a SHIT bout any of yall. mmkuuh? and rachael girl…honestly who gives a shit if your dad doesnt watch the show?…its not really a dad show anyway…and im not gay but im not gonna lie tilas a very pretty girl and has a really cute figure and she can model and im sure your just jealous cause your probably a fatass and cant wear cute shit like her! mahahahaha!

    you haters need to back off…cause as if your really bringing tila down with your comments…oh i bet shes so upset. HA! shes rollin in moneeey not caring at all..saying TO HELL WITH YOU DUMB FUCKS!


  • YO! Everybody needs to stop hatein’ this aint fuckin high school this is the real world. All these people got to start shit just because one a girl got a chance to live everybody’s fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to be in house with several fine ass people.
    So I dont give a fuck wat yall say im rooting for Tila all the way!
    Much Love Tila!!!

  • I’m sure Tila has got more money than most of Mexico and I’m sure Tila doesn’t give a shit about me, you, or many people but herself. But maybe she should. Right now she epitomises everything that is selfish, greedy, fake and disgusting about American society.

  • tila your like so hot and im not im bisexual but no body likes me like they love you so all im saying bitch is to stop being pretty and show me how to be fuken hot like you

  • hi tila u are so hot i wish to fuck u & have sex with u i have a good idea for your show get naked and see who will look the longest xoxoxoxo tila

  • so heres the thing. who really cares about if shes bi or not. please people lets talk about something else…who are you guys to judge somebody you dont personally know. she may be fake or not but i think until we ACTUALLY meet her, we cant say shit. fuckin lunatics.

  • i am not goin to lie but tila iz hot and the peps that say she iz not fuckin hot you a dam lie so call me tila thet gave one who name iz tila that gave a commment and the rest of yall said you are bi who eva call me first will hook up wit me first holla

  • Yeah, Tila shouldn’t be bashed for being bisexual. Someone said that she said she had claimed to be bi and then chose a guy on her show ? Yeah she either had to choose a guy or a girl dumbass. Tila IS bisexual,She said she wasnt doing a season three so obviousley she isnt only doing for the money. Whoever is spreading these rumors needs to get a life. There is such thing as bisexuality. It doesnt mean your confused or anything. Love is uncondiotional, whether you’re in love with a guy or girl its still the same feeling, its still love. I am bi, i should know. People should get the fuck out of tilas life if all they wanna do is start rumors. Tila is bi, shes also has a great personality. So bubblley! ahah. People should love tila for what they know. Not hate on her for what they dont know. Bc they are jealous that shes gorgeaus , can be herself and still have BILLIONS of fans who love her to death. And the shows not fake because if it was, glitter would get SO many awards and she’d be in all the upcoming movies. hahahahahha :) … But anyway, if yu read this tila, the “SOURCES” are probably a bunch of jealous bitchess that wish they were as gorgeous as you and therefore start fucked up rumors. So dont let it get to u babbee. K ?
    lots and love and support,


  • hi tila
    i saw your t.v show how you got
    your heart roken and our tring to find
    someone to love..oh my gosh i love your show
    but i don’t know who you ended up with.
    But all i want to say is your hot and sexy.