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Jon & Kate: Trying to Save the Ratings with Divorce Announcement?

Kate Gosselin

As Wendie reported yesterday, ratings for Jon & Kate Plus Eight are nose-diving after a huge initial premiere. What to do now? Make a big announcement, apparently.

“Jon and Kate Gosselin have an announcement.”

Those are the words that appear on the screen in a new TLC promo for a one-hour Jon & Kate Plus Eight special episode, airing Monday (9 p.m. ET).

In the spot, Kate Gosselin says, “Recently, we’ve made some life-changing decisions — decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace.”

The stirring spot, which also flashes phrases like “A family in turmoil” and “A relationship at a crossroads,” first aired Wednesday night on TLC.

Wow, are they really going to drop the “we’re divorcing” bomb so early? I thought TLC had signed up for 40 episodes of this season. You’d think they’d draw this out a little longer. Or maybe TLC is just trying to strike while the iron’s hot, and J&K are still infuriating Paris and Lindsay by being on the cover of every damn magazine. You’re driving Lindsay Lohan and your husband to drink, Kate!

Meanwhile, Gawker Stalker spotted Jon in Manhattan this morning, sporting a diamond stud in his ear and smoking a cigarette. Sa-weet!

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  • I was watching the other night and when she was signing the bike at the McDonald house, I could have sworn she wrote “just Kate + 8” Hopefully that will be the name now.

  • Tonight @ 11:30 the E! channel is airing a special called (I think): “Jon & Kate, Separate Lives”. Wonder if TLC’s monday night ‘damage control’ special comes too late. No one has to watch anyway, their announcement will be in the weeklys. Beet declared the official end of the Gosselins already anyway.

  • This whole situation is really sad, and even though no one gives a fuck about what I’ve got to say, I’ll say it anyway.

    I think Kate is just trying to do her best as a mother of 8 kids. I don’t think any mother would ever want to make her kids unhappy, and she’s got 8 kids to deal with. People should stop judging her. I know, she’s really bitchy at time. But I think it’s not easy for her either. She’s going through a hard time right now. Yes, the best thing she could do is stop famewhoring herself & her family, we can’t deny that. But she has been dealing with an douche as a husban and 8 kids for a long time. No one really cares about her. Her husband does not care about how she feels, the kids are still pretty young. It must feel pretty overwhelming to feel that you have no one who’s got your back. For the very first time she’s feeling someone cares about her, and it must be a good feeling.. That’s why she doesn’t want to give up on being famous.

  • Kwill, you aint kidding! That would make everyone fall out! LOL I have wondered if the whole affair thing was just a way to get ratings though. Everyone is expecting them to get a divorce so that wouldn’t be unexpected. What if they are going to announce that they are going to get back together? No one has actually said they were apart from what Ive seen… I know when they asked aunt Jodi about it, she never really gave an answer she just shook her head… Here is more.

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  • Of course they will keep going.. “Jon & K8: Shared Custody”… it will put a nice little spin on the show.