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It’s Official! America No Longer Cares About The Gosselins


Prayers are answered!  I think I can officially stop talking about the controlling clown car uterus and her passive-agressive lap dog — you know — The Gosselins.

When the Jon & Kate Plus 8 season 5 premiere aired, it brought in 9.8 viewers.  Sure, there was a curiousity factor in the first week which definitely helped them get to that number.  However, the numbers have dropped way off.  June 8th’s episode brought in 4.3 million, and this week’s just 2.9. 

America’s over it.  We don’t want to watch unhappily married people who are contractually prohibited from announcing their intention to divorce.  The economy sucks.  We want happy!

It’s over, folks.  Not just your marriage, but your show, too.

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  • I wonder how long it will take for the ratings to tank to the point that the show gets dropped? And I wonder if the spin will be “the kids have been on TV for son long, they need time to just be kids”?

    And if Kate was a nasty control freak on her rise to fame and fortune, I wonder what will happen to her personality once she starts to withdraw from her drugs of choice – celebrity and wealth? Somehow I can’t imagine her becoming any sweeter-tempered.

    I’m sure Jon will get blamed – he certainly deserves his share, but there’s no question that she is an Attilla the Hen and she’s been riding roughshod over him since the day they married.

    And what will happen when she, gasp, can’t afford the bodyguard provided by TLC? She might get touched by filthy fans bearing gifts!

    • Does anyone remember the season of “The Simple Life” in which Paris and Nicole were never filmed together and never actually interacted?

      DO IT TLC, DO IT!!! If Jon and Kate are under contract then they will have no choice and it will be hilarious. I envision jump cuts from Kate screaming about how the kids got 5 M&M’s each instead of the mandated 3 to Jon throwing back an Irish car bomb at noon before heading to IKEA to update his bachelor pad.

  • ratings are back to what they were last year, which are still good numbers.

    it’s still tlc’s highest rated show. next highest is something called “cake boss” followed by “18 and counting” and “what not to wear”.

    tlc will keep them around. they may lose their tabloid buzz but their show will live on.

  • Who’s motorcycle is that? A ‘gift’ from Kate to Jon? aka ‘I hope you get in an accident and stop holding me back from world domination’

  • well thank god. I can’t wait until tabloids/online gossip stop reporting about them. please, please, just no more

  • im so sick of these stupid f&*ing gosselins. What a piece of work those two are i feel so bad for their poor kids growing up being used to make their parents famous, they make me sick. I honestly hope kate od’s and john gets vd from one of his skanky affairs and their kids get adopted by a good family who can raise them like normal kids.

  • stop attacking the Gosselins…they are good christians and they always vote republican and they go to church every week and obviously they don’t like abortion or birth control and couldn’t care less about severe overpopulation…adoption is such a bad idea for them because jon and kate are so special and the world needs their sperm and egg creatures…they are even too good to adopt one of thousands of DOGS set to be exterminated …they need a pure bred dam it!…they are the most special people ever…just ask kate…god told her so.