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Denise Richards Is, Like, Spiritual


Cindy Adams recently interviewed Denise Richards who, if you can believe it, is gearing up for another season of her E! series It’s Complicated.  The main focus of their talk, other than the part about how John Stamos is really great in bed, had to do with Denise’s experiences with the afterworld.

I’ve just become friendly with a psychic medium my mother met shortly before she passed on. I wanted to believe Mom was still around. I wanted a reading. I wanted to believe in some form of reincarnation. I need to think in whatever way I can that my mother is still with us.

Mother had had a reading with this Natalie, who, without knowing any of our family details, told my mother, ‘Your dad, your dog, your Aunt Birdie are waiting for you on the other side.’ She had knowledge of these people without any of us mentioning them.

Unknown to me, my mother had given Natalie a book for my two little ones. The book explains death. When she knew she was going, which was before I even knew she wouldn’t be around much longer, she wrote in it: ‘I’ve arrived in heaven and from here I’ll always watch over you as an angel.’ She gave the psychic this book to give to my girls, which Natalie subsequently did. We’re now friends. And I have that book safely locked up.

I believe all of us on Earth eventually go somewhere and that guardian angels do exist. Raised Catholic, I’ve started church again and taken Lola and Sammy to be baptized. I desperately have wanted a message from my mother, and I want to hold onto anything which will make that happen. I’ve told her to stay in contact with me even if she has to talk to me only through Natalie.

Since Denise has a direct line to all things dead, I wonder if she’s asked her career how it’s doing?

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  • i think this is a little harsh. i mean, i don’t know a whole ton about denise richards as a celebrity, but as a person she is entitled to react to death in her own way, especially the death of her own mother. personally, i find it great that she received some sort of final message and that she’s making what she can of it. i mean, how many of us have wanted closure with the dearly departed?

  • She DOES realize that Catholicism doesn’t condone sex outside of marriage, right? Good luck with that!

  • Catholicism TOTALLY meshes well with the idea that you can use psychics to talk to the dead, right? God, Denise. Google something before you speak, please?

  • Hey Miss Richards

    Sorry to burst your bubble but there are no guardian angels, people die and don’t go anywhere.
    There is no heaven, no other side
    When you die you are gone forever! U don’t get to send messages through psychics
    Dying does not make anyone to have super powers of being able to look after their alive loved ones.

    My message to the world
    Live your life to the fullest. Its the only one you’ll get to live
    Tell your loved ones you love them, and live your best life
    This life is not a rehearsal to another life

    If you want something bad enough, work your arse off
    Prayer won’t make you succesful and rich
    Hard work will

    Forget about the LOTTO
    you will never win it
    Don’t waste your time asking for lotto numbers from dead people
    They don’t hear nothing


  • Hello Miss Richards

    Sorry to burst your bubble. But there are NO guardian angels.
    There is NO heaven or other side.
    When people die. They are gone. They don’t get to send messages through pyschics!

    My message to the world
    Tell your loved ones you love them everyday
    Spend time with them and show them love
    This lifetime is the only chance you get

  • dear denise, your mother is in purgatory and will have to wait here for 10,000 years unless you give me some money, then i’ll see if i can get her out early.
    the catholic church