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This Is The Fault Of Those Olsen Twins


Miley Cyrus is the newest in a long line of teen singers/actresses to launch a new clothing line for Wal-Mart.  She has teamed up with famed designer Max Azria to offer a collection of dresses, tops, shoes and — what else? — leggings, that will be available in time for back-to-school shopping.  Everything will cost under $20 and will undoubtedly be crafted by seven-year-old sweatshop workers.

Seriously, though.  Taylor Swift has a line of dresses, The Jonas brothers have some sweater vests they peddle, and now Miley is on the fashion merchandising bandwagon.  This whole Poly-Talented Child Star requirement really all started with those little Olsens, didn’t it?  They were on Full House and before you knew it they were making movies, CDs, then they showed up on tubes of lip gloss, t-shirts, tennis sneakers, etc.  Then again, today those chicks charge and get $1700 for a pair of pants, so perhaps Miley Cyrus is just a brilliant business woman.

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  • i totally agree w you. i do have to say though that miley doesn’t look terrible in this frock she has on (yes, even tho i called it a frock) – shes not pimping it out or looking like her little sister… (oohhhh, burn)

  • She better milk it while she can…I don’t see her being famous when she’s 30. The Olsens can probably ride off that Walmart cosmetics line alone for far into the future…

  • Doesn’t she already have a huge shitty line of shitty products ranging from shirts to shampoo to trapper keepers?

    – side note: Folks are actually selling those things on Ebay for ridiculous amounts of money…