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Olsen’s Fashion Line Flying Off the Shelves


Apparently, this recession is impacting everyone except the very, very, very, disgustingly rich. You know, the people who buy the clothes in Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fashion line, Elizabeth and James. The line is priced slightly below their other line, The Row — which features lambskin pants for $1700 — but it’s still not cheap, with prices ranging from $95 for a one-shoulder cotton tank to $775 for a leather jacket. Flirty dresses and fashion-forward slacks fall within the $225 to $475 range, while a fur coat runs a wee bit more. (A wee bit more? You mean like the life of an animal? Yes.)

“We try to keep everything under $1,000,” said a rep for the brand.

Well. THANK YOU. That’s refreshing. I’ve been SO TIRED for paying $1100 for a pair of pants. I can barely afford the $57 I’ve been paying for a stick of gum or the $275 for a box of tampons. Clothes for under $1000 is a nice change of pace.

On the success of Elizabeth and James, the Olsens are branching out into footwear with the help of Steve Madden and will launch a menswear collection in the fall.

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  • I just got my WEDDING dress for 650 dollars on tuesday. I can’t imagine ever paying any more than that on a single clothing item

  • Wow. Never knew Mary Kate and Michael Jackson were friends. Nice to see he finally made the transformation into a young white girl.

    • Hahahaha!

      What a pair of pretentious and untalented has-beens. You know you failed at being hollywood stars when your career highpoint was playing one half of a baby.

  • wtf is wrong with mary-kates eyebrows & nose???

    she betta not start that shit with plastic surgery.

    something looks reeeeal off.

  • Is this a current picture of them?

    I actually like their hair and makeup.

    It is so odd to see them somewhat groomed… and both of them with a ultra blonde shade.

    Not complaining… it is refreshing to see a picture of them not looking like hobo’s.

  • As someone who has bought their Clothing, there very.. high quality?
    The blazers they make are amazing, and fit wonderfully.

    You guys should try it.

    • They must not be wearing their own line then, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen either one of them wear anything that fits them well. They are tiny, it’s true, but they have enough money to have full-time tailors working for them.

  • LMAO to Beet’s comment.
    Are you buying gold tampons by any chance?
    Just Kidding. Point taken and I totally agree.

    Btw, is the one on the left doing the Derek Zoolander face?

  • I just don’t get the appeal of these two. I don’t!! Either they’re so grimey they look homeless (sans shopping cart) or they look so spaced out they look like relations of Golum from LoTR. $1000 bucks for a piece of their clothes….they deserve those little asses kicked back to 1992!

  • And here I thought paying $80 for a pair of jeans at the Gap was crazy. Apparently, I still have an ounce of sanity… lol

    FUCK these two creepy, little, nose candy hoo-ers. I like my animals breathing, thanks.

  • I didn’t know that garden gnomes could afford that much for clothes. Have you noticed that when one gets her upper lip injected, the other one has to too? Otherwise, they wouldn’t match anymore.

  • The line does well because in the contemporary market, there isn’t much better to choose from. I love their style and a ton of people view them as style icons. It makes sense that the line does well. I personally do not love the line, but I do like The Row. No, I would not spend 1700 on a pair of leather leggings, but ebay and sales help me with that dilemma.

  • I have definitely been affected by the recession but when I splurge – it’s elizabeth and james. Their E&J line is just so amazing and perfect. I do wish the prices were lower, I would buy it ALOT more!!

  • Of course it’s selling! Do you know how hard it is to buy suitable drab-dreary fashion styles for your favorite depression-era Grannie from the immodest modern apparel the department stores have nowdays?

  • I like them, I mean sure their stuff is expensive but what can you do? Theres tons of labels that are the same who cares, us normal ppl can’t afford it so what? I think if I was filthy rich I’d sure as hell buy myself some 1700$ pants, its just not a big deal ppl should stop being jealous of others. Well at least this is how I feel lol. As for the animals used for their creations,yeah that bothers me a bit but I’ll just keep doing as I am and avoiding leather and such. Peace!