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Taylor Swift to Design Line of Sundresses for L.E.I.


She’s been #1 on the charts for eight gazillion weeks, but that’s not enough for Taylor Swift — she wants to get into fashion, just like everyone else. She’s teamed up with teen favorite L.E.I. to “design” a line of uber-affordable dresses — retailing for $14.

“I love dresses,” Taylor said in a statement. “And I have always had this dream to make an affordable sundress line.”

Of course you did, Taylor. What little girl doesn’t dream of creating a line of affordable sundresses? We want to be doctors, lawyers, fairy princesses, models, actresses and $14 dress designers.

“I was totally adamant that I wanted [the dresses] to be affordable. With my headlining tour, we are offering $20 tickets everywhere we go and I wanted to approach the sundress line in the same way,” says Taylor. “To have cute dresses under $20 is something I am really proud of.”

I guess if there’s anything you can make successfully that cheap, it’s sundresses. I mean, they’re supposed to be flowing and flimsy, so there’s a lot of leeway for crappiness in the design and fabric. Maybe this was a smart move for Taylor after all.

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  • I’d totally buy her dresses! I think she usually wears really cute dresses and they are affordable. Bring em’ on Taylor!

  • you know i am really excited for this, like genuine excitement, i really love taylor and sun dresses…and the price! I’ll admit i love that too. i cant wait to see what she does!

  • Why do you automatically assume that just because the dresses are affordable that they’ll be cheaply made? I can’t wait to see what Taylor (or her “people”) come up with!

  • Funny Beet your girl Taylor doesn’t seem to mind Wal-mart that much.
    Btw I don’t think of under 20$ as cheap I think of that as affordable.

  • Just what the world needs. More cheaply foreign-made items of clothing to be sold at Walmart. Stay proud Taylor!!

  • Hee hee hee. Well, at least we know where Beet stands on the issue of clothing from Walmart. Methinks that she won’t be sporting one of these dresses in her lifetime.

  • I’ve seen them and they aren’t exactly the cutest things ever…and the fabric is quite thin. actually for the quality they should be charging $5 but thats just me lol.

  • we want to know when the taylor swift sundresses will be in omaha…..or if they are already here……..but no matter……we love them any way!!!!!! thanks taylor!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 ya!!!!!!

  • i think that would be a great idea cause i love taylor but whenever i want to buy dresses i end up not fitting into them so PLEASE have upper sizes and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to have a line of jewlery…………..TAYLOR ROCKS WITH GREAT TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you guys are just jelous because your not a gorgeous blonde haired country super star who has a fabulous line of dresses for cheap.

  • YAYS!!!!!!! sounds fun!!!!!! she ALWAYS has adorable dresses!!!!!! cant wait to see wat she comes up with

  • that pic the triangle with the glasses looks like me lol nude pictures of taylor no way well i have seen them i and i hope they arent real+( or i will hate you forever taylor