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She Takes After Her Daddy

Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump at Malibu Lumber Yard Pictures Photos

Marla Maples made an appearance at the opening of the Malibu Lumber Yard today, with daughter Tiffany Trump in tow.

Tiffany and Ivanka Trump have different mothers, but doesn’t Tiffany look a LOT like her older half-sister? Especially in the mouth???

Those Trump genes are STRONG.

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    • Hmmm – give an adolescent a break. She does look like Ivanka – something about the fullness of the cheeks. How differently her upbringing must be from that of her half siblings. They grew up (and Baron is growing up) in the lap of luxury while her mom got dumped with a mere two million for her trouble.

      She also looks like Alison, on the current ANTM – big blue eyes, soft round face and small mouth with full lips. Maybe they are related.

  • I think Ivanka trump is super beautiful. All of the Trump kids are…though…who knows about Baron? Barron? With a super hot mom, he’ll probably turn out the ugly one.

    • amen they’re both physically and personallying ugly and skanky. I’m referringto ivanka Tiffany and melania. must be nice to get plastic surgery

  • She def looks like Ivanka from the neck up, from the neck down, Ivanka has her Trumped!
    Ba Da Bump!

    I do see the resemblance between her and Alison on ANTM and I think that Alison is gorgeous, kind of like a cross between a lemur and a beautiful women / elf…

    She also reminds me quickly of the Thrall that Capt. Kirk had in the episode The Gamesters Of Triskelion…

    Okay, nerding out there…

    • Yeah, Alison blows my mind. She is totally like some sort of beautiful alien.

      I like your description better, though.

  • ahhh…tiffany’s cute.

    she’s just going through her ‘awkward-teen-phase’ ala ‘alexa ray joel’ (who, btw is gorgeous now).

    speaking of gorg…check out the milfiness of ms. maples.

    i’ve never been a fan of hers, but i give credit where credit’s due…

    who’d of thunkit…marla maples would turn out to be a bad-ass milf?!

    shake it sister!

  • Unfortunately she has inheirited toses really ugly Trump genes that look like poofy jowls! Poor breeding from Donald Trump as he mother looks quite beautiful. And poor Barron the lastest spawn has not only the Trump genes but also that of the mother who is not an attractive woman to say the least.

  • What??? That girl was raised is the lap of luxury big time. Donald trump is not a financially absent father to his kids. Also Marla got 10 million an expensive estate, 350,000 a year alimony and 300,000 a year child support PLUS hes still good friends with Marla on top of it.

  • What a horrible shame! money can buy surgery. Maybe it is because of the way people think about her daddy?