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The Big Rob T-Shirt Photo Shoot!


Hi, guys.

So, today I came up with a really good use of our company’s time and money, and I just wanted to share it here.

Remember how we ran that contest awhile back for those Big Rob T-shirts? Well, the PR company sent me one as a thank-you for doing the contest, and the PR girl was like, “Hey, if you wouldn’t mind, it would be awesome if we could get some pics of you wearing the shirt for our promotional materials,” and I was like, “Oh, Lord, yes.”

I grabbed my coworker Laremy, the King of (and also the only person in the building who was game to do this with me), and told him we were doing a photo shoot, and it was going to be totally awesome. We spent the next hour wandering around the RealNetworks building trying to take pictures of ourselves in the Big Rob T-shirt in every possible locale. I think we did a phenomenal job. I mean, really, Gisele better watch her skinny little ass, because Laremy and I are giving her a run for her money here.

Now, since I have to justify the expense of stealing Laremy for an hour, and also because the photos are AMAZING, I am running them here.


Motorcycle Suuupp?!!


Preppy Suuupp?!!


Bowling Suuupp?!!


Pool Cue Suuupp?!!


Jumping Suuupp?!!


Tons more in the thumbnails below!


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