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He’s Just Not That Into You: Marie Claire Photo Shoot


Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin and Drew Barrymore — all stars of the critically panned He’s Just Not That Into You (I could have told you this film was gonna suck the instant they announced they were making it) — sat down with Marie Claire for a chat and a photo shoot.

Both are actually pretty adorable.

You can read a portion of the interview here. This is my favorite part:

Ginnifer Goodwin: I want alcohol.
Jennifer Aniston: [to waiter] Grey Goose on the rocks with lime and olives. [to the girls] Then I remove the olives. Not good for the eyes.
Drew Barrymore: Salt. I know. The days of being able to eat Chinese food and wake up looking OK the next day? Gone.
MC: [to Barrymore] Wait, you’re only having a Shirley Temple? That’s it?
DB: It’s a school night. [Barrymore is directing her first feature, Whip It!, and has been in the editing room all day.] I know there are some good, crazy, psychotic directors who can work and party. I just can’t.
JA: I know. There are actors who can do it, too – just be completely high. And you’re like, “He was on heroin? I thought that was just a really emotional performance. I never saw somebody cry like that!”

Jennifer: would you order the olives if you’re just going to take them out?

And stupid Marie Claire writer: Drew Barrymore has a loooong and well-documented history of drug and alcohol abuse? Why would you give her a hard time about ordering a Shirley Temple? Did you do any research at all?

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  • seriously, that question to drew barrymore makes the interviewer sound insensitive and incompetent – but i have a feeling she asked on purpose because she wanted to get drew talking about her drug and alcohol abuse. she was probably hoping it’d give her some nice dramatic line for the cover, helpful in totally misleading customers about what they’re about to read.

    and i hate when they pull that shit. i’ve been interviewed a couple times, for different nothing things, and it’s just insulting and obnoxious when they try so transparently to lead you into giving them their sound bite of choice. no thanks.

    • Ran into Drew at a coffee house on Melrose…in LA, I know, whatever! Anyway, she was there with her new puppy and the puppy was, well being a puppy and Drew was VERY SWEET and apologetic for her puppies behavior to everyone present.
      Maybe sometimes “stars” are like regular folks without any pretentious alterior motives? It can happen.

  • I love these pics! They all look beautiful! And the movie does look pretty sucky, but I might watch it out of interest.

  • In regards to the olive question:



    Having them there, still adds a little flavor, as an ex bartender, I can tell you that just having them in there initially, adds something.

    Heck, go grab some water, and take a little bit of a lemon twist, and twist it over your water and toss the twist and see the difference in taste.

  • The pictures are adorable. I’m not a huge fan of any of these chicks but I’m still getting dragged to see it next weekend. It’s quite upsetting. It just looks like a waste of my [oh so precious] time.

    Can I point out that Drew looks absolutely ridiculous with that stud in her tongue??

  • I don’t even care that Drew has the tongue stud, I just don’t want to see her showing it off in 80% of photos she’s taken recently. Put it away!

  • You wonder how these interviewers get their jobs.
    (Daddy knew someone perhaps?)
    Drew Barrymore wrote a book-“Little Girl Lost”
    about drugs, alcohol, and rehab.

    And what’s funny is that the editors of Marie Claire published it, thereby letting its readers know that they employ lazy dimwits who do no research whatsoever.

  • That was a dumb question.
    But since when did Drew have her tongue pierced?
    I think it’s somewhat recent.
    And she’s like 37?

    • That’s when I’m going too!! Apparently my best friend thinks that taking two single chicks to see a movie called “He’s Just Not That Into You” is a smart move. If I don’t comment after V-Day, you’ll know I killed myself.

    • hahaha

      I think they were talking about the salt content of them– like that salt can help make you all bloaty.

      • Yup.

        You can eat as many olives as you like, no worries, unless your sodium levels are abnormally high, then you know, there might be some risk. lol you’re ok though.

  • omg can we all pleeeeease talk about how anniston said she keeps tapes of brad pitt’s messages to her??? PLEEEEEASE?????!!!!

  • I love these actressess soooo much, but the movie does suck a bit. it was way too long and mostly about nothing! however the actors in that movie a great!:D