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Kim Kardashian involved in upcoming Liz Taylor series

Kim K loves nothing more than squeezing her ass into the golden age of Hollywood. First in Marilyn Monroes famous crystal covered dress and now by getting an EP credit on a new Liz Taylor mini series.

BBC Arts says Kim, Kari Lia, Hamish Fergusson and Passion Pictures, will executive produce the three-part docuseries about Elizabeth Taylor, titled, Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar.

The documentary will feature access to the people who knew the Oscar-winning actress the best including family, friends and colleagues. The series will tell the story of Taylor’s career and personal life, the project will feature never-before-seen and heard audio, interviews and archive footage from her biggest films.

Kim will also appear in the flick through stock footage from when she interviewed Taylor in 2011 before she died.

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