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Tense moment between Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon revisited

A few days ago Jimmy Fallon got dragged in a Rolling Stones article that claimed the late night host was impossible to work with.

Claims from unnamed employees at The Tonight Show say the set was toxic due to Jimmy’s constant tantrums and frequent drinking at work. Jimmy has since spoken out saying he was embarrassed and sorry for creating an environment that people found hard to work in.

But social media users recalled the time Tina Fey spoke about an incident between Amy Poehler and Jimmy in the writer’s room of SNL.

In her best-selling memoir, Bossy Pants, Tina wrote “Amy Poehler was new to SNL and we were all crowded into the seventeenth-floor writers’ room, waiting for the Wednesday night read-through to start.”

“Amy was in the middle of some such nonsense with Seth Meyers across the table, and she did something vulgar as a joke. I can’t remember what it was exactly, except it was dirty and loud and “unladylike”.

‘Jimmy Fallon turned to her and in a faux-squeamish voice said, “Stop that! It’s not cute! I don’t like it.”

‘Amy dropped what she was doing, went black in the eyes for a second, and wheeled around on him. “I don’t f**king care if you like it.” Jimmy was visibly startled.

‘Amy went right back to enjoying her ridiculous bit. With that exchange, a cosmic shift took place.

‘Amy made it clear that she wasn’t there to be cute,’ Tina said. ‘She wasn’t there to play wives and girlfriends in the boys’ scenes. She was there to do what she wanted to do and she did not f**king care if you like it.’

The passage has received renewed interest in light of the recent allegations.