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Beanie Baby Bubble of the 90’s gets movie deal

If you were around in the 90’s you likely owned a bean filled bear known as a Beanie Baby.  They were everywhere. They were EVERYWHERE.  They caused divorces, bankruptcies, robberies… it was a whole thing.

Based on Zac Bissonette’s book The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute, The Beanie Bubble will take a look at the insanity that was that craze.  And considering it will star Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks, I’m hoping a it will be a humorous look.

The description for the movie reads: “It pulls back the curtain on the absurdities and injustices of the American Dream — particularly the female relationship to it. It’s a celebration of the women who helped power Ty Warner’s success, whose strengths and good instincts shaped and amplified the phenomenon, but whose names are not on the Beanie Babies’ heart-shaped tags.”

For scale, let me share some stats I gathered from around the web:

In the midst of this perceived “shortage,” collectors launched an all-out Beanie Baby warfare. Among the more notable instances:

  • At a market in Connecticut, fanatical collectors trampled children to get their hands on the retired tie-dye “Garcia” bear.
  • A 77-year-old Chicago man dubbed the “Beanie Baby Bandit” stole 1.2k of the toys and hoarded them in a storage locker.
  • At the border, Beanie Baby smuggling rings ran rampant (“People are smuggling [them] in similar places where they hide drugs,” an agent told the Seattle Times).
  • A West Virginia man shot and killed a 63-year-old security guard over a dispute involving “several hundred dollars’ worth” of Beanie Babies.


And these two images which say so much.  Cred: