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George Cloony Proves he knows how to Flowbee his hair

You may not have heard the news. It made headlines earlier in the week.  George Clooney, Hollywood hunk, Flowbee’s his hair. GASP!  Don’t know what a Flowbee is? You’re a fetus.

Flowbee is a device that attaches to your vacuum cleaner hose and allows you to cut and vacuum up your hair all in one. It’s really just for men tho.

So he was on Kimmel last night and Jimmy pulled out a Flowbee so Clooney, 59, could put his buzzcut skills to the test.

“You turn the vacuum on. You turn the buzzer on. You go to town, like this on your hair,” Clooney said as he started to drag the Flowbee from his temple to the back of his head.

Kimmel, 53, attempted to keep up with Clooney and trim his own hair with another Flowbee at the same time. “You do it that fast?” he asked. “Can’t hear ya, I’m Flowbeeing!” Clooney yelled back to the comedian.

Check out the video. It’s worth the 5 mins of your life.