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Jon Stewarts Animal Sanctuary Approved! 2017-01-11 22-33-30

You may recall that last year a bull fated for death in a Queens slaughterhouse made a daring escape, and ran through Jamaica till it found a patch of lawn at York College where it was captured by police. But the bull didn’t go back to the slaughterhouse. Instead comedian Jon Stewart and his wife brought him to their farm in New Jersey. There they have lots of rescued animals and he could live out his life in peace.

Now the couple have been approved to build an animal sanctuary in Colts Neck, New Jersey.  The Colts Neck planning board approved preliminary plans for the 45-acre farm that will be the home of animals saved from slaughterhouses, roadsides and live markets.

Jons dedicate wife, Tracey, says Tuesday night’s approval means the farm should open by 2018. It will include after-school programs, and be open for student trips and lectures for adults. Hockhockson Farm is located on Rt. 537 near Normandy Road in Colts Neck, NJ.

Stewart, wife Tracey and their two kids, Nathan and Maggie, are seen here on their NJ farm.




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  • Ahhhh, he is hiding the jewish animals from the Nazi meat eaters?
    How will the unarmed former tv personality protect them when they come for them????
    They will die.