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Susan Sarandon & Debra Messing Are Still Fighting Over Hillary Clinton

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Earlier this month, we were still living in a place of hope — hope that we wouldn’t be led by a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, lying, toupeed Oompa Loompa with zero political experience. Sadly, that ship of blissful ignorance has sailed and what we’re left with is… quite frankly, terrifying. However, while those of us who want more for our country than for it to go back 100+ years in time are moving forward trying to protect what we have and keep Trump and his joke of a cabinet from fucking things up TOO badly, Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon are still duking it out on Twitter.

If you haven’t heard, Sarandon bitched and moaned about Hillary before Donald won and wanted to support a third party candidate, which anyone with a working brain knows is a vote for Donald Trump. Messing, a staunch Clinton supporter, called her out on this, and they’ve gone back and forth at each other ever since – even after Hillary gracefully conceded.

Sarandon has always suggested that Trump winning could be great since he’d “bring the revolution immediately” and “things will really explode”, which… I suppose is a great and easy viewpoint to hold when you’re a rich white woman who won’t really be affected by his disastrous policy suggestions. Not that he’s won, she wants us to “give him a chance” which isn’t going over well with Messing.

Instead of directly responding, however, Sarandon did the most passive aggressive thing ever by switching the conversation to the Dakota Access Pipeline:

Will it ever end with these two?

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  • I too am a loser Libtard. It’s NOT fair ! We had ALL of the media [ ‘cept those Fox douchebags!] on OUR side, why we outnumber them because we have as MANY children as possible to stay on welfare when we aren’t aborting the rest !
    It’s NOT fair our party choice lost JUST because she’s a criminal ! EVERYONE deserves a second chance, except of course for Trump supporters ! Line them up against a wall now ! ! !