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Art Group Creates Unique Trend

I am always amazed when artists find a completely new and genuinely interesting way to capture life.  Even more impressive when it’s done in a way that is commercially appealing, which this is quickly proving to be.

In 2013 The Berlin based art collective known as Raubdruckerin, or “Pirate Printer”, began making printed T-shirts


Artist from Raubdruckerin, a berlin based art collective, creates a printed Tee using a city manhole cover

from manhole covers, drains or any number of urban adornments.

The team trolls the streets of Berlin in search of raised surfaces that will transfer the ink adequately and provide an image that captures the city’s spirit.
Today they can barely keep up with demand for their T’s, Totes and hoodies. And their work spans several cities, including Paris, Lisbon and Amsterdam.
A hoodie will run you about $100, T-shirts about $45.  Really a steal for something hand printed and so closely connected to a city many will never visit.

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  • What has this got to do with celebrity gossip? Crappy looking, over priced t shirts? I’ve been on this gossip website but this is the last straw. What a load of horse shit, Tracey Coyle.