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The McGowan/Baio Twitter War is Hysterical

D-listers Rose McGowan and Scott Baio are going ballistic on one another via Twitter.   It all started a few weeks ago when McGowan posted a tweet expressing her exhaustion writing “It’s a tough week for having a soul” following the Republican convention in Cleveland.  Baio pounced on her with a unproportionately scathing rebuttal. 2016-08-02 02-51-08

This was harsh, but that doesn’t mean McGowan can’t give it as good as she gets.  Initially it seemed all McGowan replied was that “I can’t get into a twitter fight with you, it hurts my soul”.  But when Page Six picked up the story, Baio made sure they had all the details. Including what he says is a delete post made by McGowan to him. As well as a reply his wife wrote in his defense. 2016-08-02 02-41-00

The question I have is for @MrsScottBaio.  Are you actually bragging that you’re married to Scott Baio or are you just no longer your own person?  Just kidding. You do you. Or him. Whatevs.

Since then it’s mostly been fans of the two (who knew?) attacking each of the stars and them oddly replying to many of them. Check them out if any of this interests you.