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Usher Put His Dick On Snapchat


Was it an “accident” or was it totally and completely intentional that Usher kinda sorta forgot to blur out his whole dick when he posted a naked selfie on Snapchat yesterday? I’m going to go with the latter. Usher was giving fans a tour of his house — one which ended with him in the shower. Why you need to take a selfie in the shower (and why people aren’t concerned about the damage the heat and moisture can do to your phone — and yes, I’m serious about my electronics) is beyond me, but Usher’s poorly placed emoji was a hot mess.

I’ll put this nonsense behind the cut for those of you with delicate sensibilities (or, you know, those of you who want to keep your jobs), but this whole thing is so dumb. Is Usher really that afraid of how irrelevant he’s becoming that he needs to stoop to this shit? No one cares about his junk besides thirsty ass social media users whose attention he probably really doesn’t want anyway, so I kinda don’t get it. No thanks.

usher snapchat dick

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