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Christ Almighty — Justin Bieber Got Dreads

justin bieber

Justin Bieber has been the worst pretty much forever, so it’s no surprise that he continues his reign of terror even to this day. We seem to have entered a new era of fuckery, however, since from the looks of things, JB is sporing white guy dreads. Not only is it disgusting to look at, but it’s also yet another example of his ridiculous cultural appropriation that makes him look like more of an ass than he normally does — and that’s saying something.

He captioned the pic simply “why”, and that’s a good damn question that I don’t think we’ll ever have the answer to. The nose ring, the dreads… is he turning into my friend Stef our freshman year of college in 2002? I’m just so confused by all of this.

He followed up the above photo with a ~*mOoDy SeLf-PoRtRaIt*~ in black and white, because sure, why not?

Anyone want to venture a guess as to how many drugs Justin’s on to make him think this is a good idea, as well as how much he pays his staff not to tell him he looks dumb every time he does?

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  • Hey, he’s pissing off the BLMs and the SJWs so I’ll give him a pass for looking like a dorque.

  • So, apparently it’s cool for black females to appropriate white culture by paying hundreds of dollars for their weaves made up of white woman hair and sitting for 8+ hours having it sewn into their heads? Oh, it’s not cultural appropriation, it’s just liking the style and wanting to look nice? So, when white women get microbraids or dreadlocks it can’t possibly be because they like the style and just want to look nice, right? Hypocrites.

    The fact that the vast majority of black females refuse to wear their own natural hair only proves how dissatisfied they are with their own culture, therefore, no one else can enjoy the style without being told they are doing it because racism (LOL).

    If it’s ok one way, it better damn sure be ok the other way. So if it’s clearly about culture appropriation and not style, it’s pretty crazy that blacks will torture themselves for many hours and pay hundreds of dollars every month just to avoid their own culture and appropriate another’s.

  • Maybe everyone (including the insulted blacks) is saying that it is impossible for anyone to find black hairstyles attractive enough to genuinely like the style, it must be culture appropriation, hahahahahaha WOW. Sit back and think about the racism you are all implying/creating with theories like that!

  • I’m a bit of a drunk but I’m not Irish does that mean I’m stealing from their culture. ahahahahaha why can’t we all just get along? Join the “human race” and stop looking for racism where there isn’t any intended.