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Kesha Could Have Gotten Out Of Her Record Contract If She Said Dr. Luke Didn’t Rape Her

kesha dr luke

Sigh. In yet another fucked up element to an already super fucked up story, Kesha has said that her lengthy and intense battle to be released from her recording contract with Sony Music could have come to an end recently as they offered to let her go scot-free… if only she recanted her claims that Dr. Luke raped her. Uhhhh, how about no?

Writing on Instagram, Kesha exposed the bullshit she’s been through to let people know that there’s far more that goes on behind closed doors than is reported to the public (which, duh, but some people are thick-skulled). Obviously Kesha didn’t bite and refuses to back down about what happened to her just to make Dr. Luke or Sony’s life easier, and good for her.

Ugh, good for her for staying strong. There has to be some kind of justice here. The fact of the matter is, Sony is forcing her to work with her abuser. For what? Is money REALLY all that important? Let the girl go!