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Kim Kardashian Is Naked Again, Because Of Course She Is — PHOTO

kim kardashian naked

Look, I get that Kim Kardashian‘s entire brand is built on her appearance. She got famous off the back of a sex tape, and literally on one would give a shit about her if she didn’t look the way she does — because whether or not you like her appearance, this country is obsessed with it. With that in mind, it makes a whole lot of sense that she would take her clothes off at every available opportunity. She knows that’s all people want to see, and she’s happy to oblige. But my question is, haven’t we seen it enough?

You would think so, but that didn’t stop Kim from posting a “new” (more on that momentarily) naked selfie with a pseudo-witty caption that said “when you’re like i have nothing to wear lol” and fooled absolutely nobody. It did, however, get her plenty of likes (nearly a million at the time of posting).

But enough of this nonsense — let’s seriously get real with each other. For one thing, that picture is old as shit. That is not a present day, 13-week post-baby Kim Kardashian. That’s not talking shit on post-baby bodies or saying that Kim isn’t working hard to get her old figure back (because that’s obviously what’s most important to her), it’s just stating facts. Paparazzi pictures taken in the past few days/weeks show her looking entirely different, not just with the blonde hair (which could easily be a wig, I’m well aware) but with her facial features and certainly her body. Not having it.

Plus, as a few other posters have pointed out, she posted a nearly identical photo in the same room, same position, same hair, over a year ago, so… ya. No thanks.

Also, I’d very greatly appreciate if Kim Kardashian could keep her clothes on, because I’m super bored with seeing her in her birthday suit.

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