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Kanye West Is $53 Million In Debt, Begs Mark Zuckerberg For Money

I almost don’t even want to write about Kanye West anymore. He’s an egomaniacal rapper, yes, which isn’t interesting in and of itself, but West takes it 5,000 steps further by suffering delusions of grandeur so big, he’s appointed himself with the moniker “Yeezus”, because of course he did. Lately, he seems to be slipping off that small ledge of sanity into the great land of the severely mentally ill, if his Twitter rants are anything to go by (not to mention his new album, The Life Of Pablo, which is nearly unlistenable).

Anyhow, Kanye’s latest social media speeches revealed two very interesting facts (if you give a shit about anything he says, that is):

#1: He’s apparently $53 million in debt, largely from all the money he’s sunken into the Yeezy fashion line.

#2: He wants Mark Zuckerberg to throw some cash his way and help him out.

Uh… yikes. What’s hilarious is that Mark Zuckerberg isn’t even on Twitter. Why didn’t Kanye try reaching out, you know, via Facebook, WHICH ZUCKERBERG INVENTED? Also, it’s rather rich that he’s begging for charity from Zuckerberg when a few tweets later, after reading a very honest but shitty review of The Life Of Pablo on Pitchfork, he implored all white people to stop talking about his music, because clearly that’s the reason you don’t appreciate it. Obviously that’s bullshit – I know Kanye has talent and his early albums were bordering on the genius he’s so certain he has now but has most certainly lost – but again, delusions of grandeur…

Kanye also claimed that he’s actually personally pretty rich and can buy furs, but he wants everyone else’s money to bring his bullshit ideas to the world rather than investing his own money in it. That’s how much he believes in his own message, clearly.

I do believe we’re witnessing the complete and utter mental breakdown of a human being here. I’m surprised Kanye doesn’t spontaneously combust.

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  • What are you talking about? I just checked Pitchfork’s site, and they gave the Life of Pablo a 9 out of 10, which puts it in their “Best New Music” category. I don’t particularly like Kanye, but I do like journalistic integrity.