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Mariah Carey & Billionaire Fiance Share Romantic Valentine’s Day Air Kiss

Look, I always said I thought it was pretty weird that Mariah Carey had fallen head over heels for billionaire tycoon James Packer so quickly, and that they’re already engaged. Something just didn’t seem right about it. Mariah already has her own money (some of which she likely lost to Nick Cannon‘s desperate ass in the divorce), so there’s no real reason for her to tie the knot with anyone. Then again, he’s a billionaire and is even richer. I don’t know, something just seems wrong – and from the looks of how they spent Valentine’s Day, that seems to be the case…

Mariah posted a photo of herself and her honey via her Facebook page, captioning the photo simply, “Happy Valentine’s Day, darlings.” Well, darlings, I don’t know if you notice, but that romantic kiss Mariah and James are sharing? Uh… they’re not actually kissing. They’re ever so slightly apart so that their lips aren’t actually touching, which… why? What’s the point of this? Do they not actually kiss? Is Mimi that grossed out by her man?

Some of her fans weren’t to happy, anyway, and decided to air her out in the comments (though the true Lambs were there to represent, too):

Oh, how the mightly have fallen!

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