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Vanessa Hudgens Thanks Fans For ‘Grease: Live’ Support After Her Father’s Death

Did anyone tune in to Grease: Live the other night? I watched the movie one too many times in childhood and can’t stand it anymore and refused to tune in, though my partner watched it and loved it so much she cried (to be fair, it doesn’t take much to make her cry). Anyway, there was a lot of talk not just because of the quality of the production, but because Vanessa Hudgens apparently stole the show as Rizzo, partially because she was, perhaps shockingly, really good, and another because she performed on the very day her father passed away after a long battle with cancer.

She dedicated her performance in the TV musical to him, and was so moved by all the positive comments and support she received from fans and well-wishers online that she extended a special thanks via Twitter last night:

So what do you think? Did you watch? Did she steal the show? Whether or not she was the shining star of the production, one thing’s for sure: I have tons of respect for her being able to step out on that stage and give it her all as she was dealing with such an intense personal tragedy that was still so new at that point.

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  • I didn’t watch it I don’t really like her but sometimes it takes something this devastating to make you focus like you never have before. Props and condolences