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Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose Post Best Frenemy Selfie Ever

After last week’s Twitter fiasco in which we learned that Kanye West is a clinically insane, misogynistic scumbag and likes women to play in his asshole, the tables have seemingly turned. Kim Kardsahian and Amber Rose posed for and posted the best selfie of frenemies ever taken, and both women posted it to their respective Instagram accounts. What does it all mean? I have a few ideas.

  1. Obviously all this shit was for press, because when does Kim (or Kanye, for that matter) do anything that’s NOT for press. Amber, too, but I love her so I feel bad calling her out like that. But to be fair, they all live for us to be talking about them nonstop.
  2. Kim is trying to prove that even though her husband’s an asshole, she’s totally pro-woman and has no issues with being friends with his ex.
  3. Amber Rose is handling the whole situation with grace and chilling with Kim even though she knows Kanye is, and I quote, “a clown.”
  4. Kanye set this shot up as part of his campaign to be The Biggest Rockstar Alive and considers this to be performance art.

I’m all out of ideas beyond that. But I do have some questions, name, where was Kanye through all this? Who made the call here to put these two women in the same room? What do they even talk about?

Who knows, but we do know that Kanye apparently learned his lesson when it comes to talking shit about people’s kids:

Touching. Truly.