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Holy shit, what a frightening statue this is.

Welcome to BEST, WORST, WTF FASHION: SAG AWARDS edition. The SAG Awards are probably the least important awards ceremony that exists, but hey, let’s use it to play fashionista. Who do you think had the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the night?


Idk WTF is going with Kristen Wiig‘s outfit. Let’s just leave it at that?


Ellie Kemper looks like she’s wearing the Dharma Initiative logo from Lost all over her dress.


Kiernan Shipka is adorable, pretty, elegant, fun, etc. Great choice of gown.


Obviously Brie Larson is saving the good stuff for the Oscars, and I can’t fault her. Despite this looking like a piece of shipwrecked wind sail that she tied together, she looks really good in it.


The background in this pic makes Eva Longoria kind of look like a floating torso. Even without that effect, it’s still a weirdly structured gown.


Lori Petty was there because of Orange Is the New Black. And I guess props to her for wearing whatever the fuck she wanted. That being said, good lord.


Laura Prepon. It’s a good dress on her. Love the contrast between the cream of the dress and the jet black of her hair. Still think she did something to her face, but whatever.


Sarah Silverman also went for a muted shade. I think I like it.


Christina Hendricks looks like an awards statue herself.


Kate Winslet is so good at those body hugging gowns. Not a fan of those sleeves though, ick.


Rachel McAdams has really been bringing it lately.


The Mara sisters, Rooney and Kate. Rooney wins this round.


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. We all knew Nicole wasn’t going to win for that shitfest Grace Kelly movie, so I guess she wasn’t too concerned about her outfit. I’m pretty sure it’s from Givenchy, as it reminds me an awful lot of a similar number Dakota Johnson wore a few weeks back. So compared to that, this is great. Urban looks good, despite his crooked bow tie.


God, it’s like Sarah Paulson is on a mission to find the ugliest dresses possible.


Love this on Anna Faris! Red is a great color on her.


Alicia Vikander. Uhh…I like that it sparkles? I like the idea behind it…with the colorblocking…yeah.


Not what I was expecting from January Jones, but I’m not complaining.


That’s it! Make your picks! Mine are:

BEST: Kiernan Shipka
WORST: Kristen Wiig
WTF: Lori Petty

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