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Kanye West Doesn’t Let Women Play In His Ass (But He Probably Does)

Earlier this week, Kanye West lost his damn mind yet again, this time on Twitter. While his social media habits are sporadic at best, when he does decide to grace the Twitterverse with his presence, he always comes out with some serious bologna. Generally, it’s all harmless, delusional, self-aggrandizing bullshit meant to prop himself up as the Best Musician Alive who made the Best Album Ever Made and all of that, but this last time, he went too far.

While Kanye is no stranger to slut shaming (lest we forget the “30 showers” comment), his latest rant literally had nothing to do with his ex Amber Rose, and yet he brought her into it anyway. While lashing out at rapper Wiz Khalifa over some ridiculous/nonexistent beef, Kanye brought their ex Amber into things, insulting Wiz for being “trapped by a stripper” and saying that he must feel betrayed every time he looks at their child and realizes that he’s got to pay support for the kid for 18 years. Because, you know, there’s no way Wiz can look at his child with love and pride as a father – he has to see him as a beacon of female entrapment? Fuuuuuck this asshole.

Of course, once Amber hit Twitter herself, dropping the best tweet EVER that basically blew Kanye’s whole life up in less than 140 characters, Kanye decided to backtrack and delete all his tweets, offering radio silence for roughly 24 hours before I guess he was ribbed one too many times about liking fingers up his asshole and he felt the need to speak out against such heinous accusations.

I hardly think Amber is “mad” that you’re clinically fucking insane, sub-par musically ever since proclaiming your genius, and just downright ridiculous. And uh, I’m pretty sure she has no reason to say that you like fingers in your ass if you don’t. After all, what’s to be ashamed of? To each his own, and as far as fetishes go, that’s so tame that it barely even counts as one. Basically, in the words of the now infamous meme, why you lyin’?

I don’t even go on about what a real life piece of shit Kanye West is, and how he DARE try to shame Amber for her sexuality in general, but especially when his wife is famous BECAUSE OF A SEX TAPE. You sure as shit liked her sexuality for the long ass time you were with her, but now because you’re not with her, she’s a slut? Fuck off, loser.

(H/T to Jezebel for the gif!)