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Adele Releases “Hello” & All Is Right In The World Again — VIDEO


Attention, attention! This is not a drill! After taking a few years off following the immense success of her sophomore album, 21, to get married and be a mum and just generally chill out away from her celebrity status, Adele is FINALLY back with a new album and a new single called “Hello”, the video for which was released just this morning. Yay!

I was up bright and early this morning when the 8am GST embargo was lifted and literally every single UK radio station began playing it. Adele also stopped into Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning for an interview (which you can listen to here if you’re so inclined – it starts at about the 1 hour mark) and now it’s finally official: Adele is back in the swing of things, and I can’t wait. Spoiler alert: it’s a great fucking song, and the video is classic Adele, too.

To give you the full Adele rundown in case you’ve been living under a rock, we know 25 is coming out on November 20 and it’s going to be an album unlike her previous two:

Admittedly, I’m slightly miffed that there are only 11 songs on the album (Target is getting an exclusive bonus track, too, but whatever), but oh man, November is going to be a great music month.

So glad Adele is back!

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  • Pretty darned good song, and really great vocals, even if it’s one chord progression with no verse, chorus, or middle 8 to speak of. Sounds a lot like my daughter’s music (not the other way around).