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Amber Rose Is Sick Of Being Defined By Her Boyfriends

Amber Rose is probably best known for being Kanye West‘s ex-girlfriend and the mother of Wiz Khalifa‘s child, and indeed that’s why many of us know who she is. But she’s also an aggressively smart, confident, successful woman with great things to say and a lot to offer the world, and she wishes that more people would focus on the latter rather than who she’s slept with. This was definitely the case with her new GQ profile, which, while complimentary and overall super fair and a great read, still misrepresented her, according to the woman herself.

The feature is in support of her new book, How To Be A Bad Bitch (which I’m downloading as we speak and can’t wait to read this weekend), and it’s a super in-depth look at Amber in all her complexities, but the way the publication promo’d the article was all about the famous dudes she’s been with, which isn’t great.

See what I mean?

I get what Amber’s saying, but you have to admit that without those famous boyfriends to give her context, many people wouldn’t know who she is. But that doesn’t mean that because it’s a frame of reference that we shouldn’t widen our scope and listen to what she has to say. Amber is clever as hell and has great things to say about women and sexuality and a number of things. Read the GQ article in full for proof – she discusses Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, her thoughts on speaking to young girls about slut shaming at colleges, etc. It’s a great read.

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  • Sure she may be clever and all but she isn’t the first to screw that up by one or two stupid moves that change her life forever. She loved being famous people’s girlfriends and modeling and being in the spotlight and the downside is she can change up all she wants but she can’t expect people to change their minds about her overnight. If she wants people to change their opinions about her she needs to tone it down lay low, start some business ventures outside that whole scene and maybe in 3-5 years people will be curious to know what she’s up to with a more open mind. She doesn’t do that. She just keeps running her mouth.

  • I’m sorry. I’m confused. Exactly where does her talent lie? If you want someone to look up to who happens to be black and female, perhaps some mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, engineers or medical researchers of that color/gender would be more appropriate. Oh, wait, you’ve probably never looked into that and don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh, wait, I’m being RACIST.

    • Yes, because complimenting one person means discounting all others. Oh, Mutt. Your trolling knows no bounds.