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Sam Smith Teases ‘Spectre’ Theme Song “Writing’s On The Wall”

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I have to say, I used to love Sam Smith. I adored “Latch”, the song he did with Disclosure, which was the first I (and much of the world) had ever heard of him. But somewhere along the line, the screechiness of his voice started driving me absolutely bonkers, and now I can’t stand listening to him for more than a few minutes. I have no idea why it happened – he’s certainly talented and has a great voice – it just makes my ears bleed these days. With that in mind, you probably won’t be surprised that I wasn’t all that thrilled to hear he would be singing the theme song to the new James Bond movie, Spectre.

To tease everyone, Sam released a tiny snippet of “Writing’s On The Wall” on his Twitter page this week. The one problem? There are no lyrics to it or any vocals at all – it’s just the opening 15 seconds of instrumental music, which seem to fit pretty well with the Bond theme. It’s a huge dramatic orchestral number that will go perfect with the movie… at least that’s what it seems like from what we’ve heard so far.

What do you think of Sam doing the Bond theme song? Are you excited for Spectre?

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