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Chris Brown Pulled Out Of Gay Pride Gig Because There Were Gay Guys There

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Another day, another opportunity for Chris Brown to show what an idiotic prick he is. This time around, he’s afraid of getting cooties from gay guys. According to the Georgia Voice, Brown was due to perform at Atlanta Black Gay Pride over the weekend. His show was billed as “the biggest girl party of the century”, but turns out, some gay boys turned up, as well, and he wasn’t having it, so he walked out.

Here’s the report, via Joe My God:

Brown failed to show up at The Georgia Freight Depot nightclub as thousands of his fans waited to see the ‘Loyal’ singer at his scheduled Saturday appearance during Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend. The event, sponsored by Traxx Girls, a lesbian owned and operated entertainment company, was billed as the “biggest girl party in the country with over 4,000 women in attendance.”

Brown, who was also in Atlanta to perform on his ‘One Hell of A Nite Tour’ at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, had been prominently displayed in the center of Traxx Girls flyers promoting the event, but when the time came for Brown to fulfill his contractual obligations he bailed along with the fee he was paid by Traxx Girls as a retainer. The reason: of the estimated 4,000 women in attendance, Brown refused to enter the building once he learned that a handful of gay men were present.

Melissa Scott, party promoter and founder of Traxx Girls, tells Georgia Voice she’s “baffled” by the entire turn of events. “I think it’s unfortunate for mainstream artists to take people’s money with the complete prior knowledge of knowing what the event is and being very clear about what the event is about. I’m completely baffled. You know it’s gay pride. You knew you agreed when you sent the contract in and took the money.”

Can anyone truly say they’re surprised, here? This is Chris Brown we’re talking about, after all. He has a long history of hating gay men and being an asshole to them. Gay women, however, are okay in his book, presumably since lesbians are “hot” and he finds it sexually appealing. Why is Chris Brown on this planet, again?

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