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Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Present From Tyga Was Bought By Kylie Herself

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A few short weeks ago, Kylie Jenner finally turned 45 18 and embarked upon a weekend-long celebration that featured lots of partying, a luxury vacation to St. Barth’s, and a new car from her boyfriend… that she leased herself. That’s right – that fancy Lamborghini was certainly a surprise to Kylie, especially when she learned that her oh-so thoughtful boyfriend Tyga, who’s apparently broke, had put the car in her name. How wonderful!

From Radar Online:

Radar has even learned that Tyga didn’t purchase the $450,000 Lamborghini he gave to Jenner for her 18th birthday. “He leased it,” a source exclusively revealed. “He couldn’t afford to actually buy one for her.”

“Kylie’s sisters and mom are worried that Tyga is trying to cash in on being with her,” the family insider told Radar. “She’s young and they think she might not see what is going on.”

“The whole family is concerned Tyga is trying to get his hands on Kylie’s money,” a second source said. “Being part of her life, it allowing him to go on crazy vacations and get free stuff thrown at him from everyone.”

“He put the lease in her name, so if anything goes wrong financially she’s on the hook paying for it,” the source said.

This sounds like a wonderful situation! A grown man who was interested sexually in an underage rich girl just so happens to be broke and living on her dime? What could possibly go wrong?! The whole thing is disgusting, though not half as disgusting as Tyga’s new song, “Stimulated”, which is – as you may have guessed from the title/how gross he is – all about fucking Kylie Jenner.

Everything about both of them is so gross and it really skeeves me out. I can’t deal!

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  • Whoa, 45 is right, that is NOT a good look. She looks like she has Robot Pelvis! I blame MamaKris. I do have to say that I would feel pretty creepy at almost 45 if I was as invested as other grownups are in this barely-legal relashie. Yik