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Josh Duggar Is “Missing” From Rehab & One Of His Mistresses Speaks Out

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Josh Duggar is a vile human with pretty much zero chance of redemption (particularly since he doesn’t actually seem to want it), and it was no surprise when he announced that in addition to being a molester of underage girls (many of which were his sisters, making it incest), he also has a porn addiction and had cheated on his wife, Anna, while she was at home carrying/raising his poor, poor children.

Many members of his family have started to turn on him, and while Josh was meant to be off at some Christian rehab, he’s gone missing from there and no one really knows where he is like – likely out doing all the same shit he’s always done, like sleeping with women who aren’t his wife, looking at porn, the usual (and I shudder to think what else). One of the women he cheated with while Anna was carrying the couple’s fourth child has come forward, and while she remains unnamed, she has admitted that sex between the pair was “scary” and that she once thought she might have become pregnant and was terrified of having the child of a sexual predator. Lovely!

From The Daily Mail:

Last week, porn star Dancia Dillon told under a lie detector test of how she had ‘terrifying’ rough sex with Duggar twice while his wife was pregnant with their fourth child.

During the sessions, which she says took place earlier this year while she was working as a stripper, Dillon said Duggar also didn’t use protection.

Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Lewis, said Duggar paid her thousands of dollars after their trysts in order to stay quiet about them.

The sex sessions, during which Dillon described being ‘manhandled’ and ‘thrown across the room’, allegedly took place in March, while Duggar’s wife Anna would have been five months pregnant.

Earlier this week Duggar was reported missing from the rehab center he checked into, according to Radar Online.

An unnamed source said they had seen people from the Reformers Unanimous treatment center, in Rockford, Illinois, traveling to and from mandatory meetings, but Duggar was not among them.

The source added that Duggar had also not attended mandatory prayers at the North Love Baptist Church, which is linked to Reformers Unanimous, on Sunday morning or evening.

Christ almighty (and pun absolutely intended). I honestly don’t even know what else to say about this freak.

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