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Taylor Swift Was Really Mad At Kanye’s VMA Speech

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This story is just obnoxious enough to make you want to roll your eyes, but also realistic enough to be true, so let’s go with it. As we know, Taylor Swift presented Kanye West with his Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs on Sunday night, but she only agreed to do that because they “agreed to talking points” before the actual show. When Kanye went off-script, TSwift panicked and wasn’t happy about it. Uh oh!

From Radar:

Playing off of their rocky VMA history, MTV slated Swift to present Kanye with his award — but not without a detailed plan! “They had agreed to his talking points as part of the agreement of her presenting the award,” the insider told “And then he went ‘in a whole different direction.’”

As Kanye launched into his free-form acceptance speech, which included references to his status as one of music’s most hated and misunderstood artists, as well his plans to run for president in 2020, Swift began to panic. With no chance at getting Kanye’s speech back on plan, she and her handlers took action, starting with Swift getting the heck away from Kim Kardashian West! “She said she went into tunnel vision when he started going off script and that she tried to put distance between her and Kim,” the source said. “Her publicist had them kill planned shots to her once he went off course.”

But in the end, she had nothing to worry about. “(Swift) said ‘it could have be worse’ but luckily it wasn’t about her even though he had agreed to apologize but didn’t,” the insider revealed.

Ha. Somehow I can totally see Taylor making Kanye’s award about herself. She certainly did that in her speech before presenting him with the award, using the opportunity to navel gaze about her past experience with his music and her perception on who he is as an artist.

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  • He’s so jealous of everyone.. a brat.. so deluded he thinks we believe he deserves this? He wouldn’t bothered to come if they didn’t laud him above all.. and really cares about the success of others.. YAK YAK yak.. just his bloated vain dreams and lies about his so called real and perfect life and not the truth again and again from him as usual.