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Has Tom Cruise’s Mother Gone Missing?

tom cruise mom

The Internet is freaking out after hearing reports that Tom Cruise‘s mother, Mary Lee South, has either gone missing or died. The 78-year-old hasn’t been seen since Easter, when she had brunch with Tom at the Scientology Center in Los Angeles, but for some reason people are only talking about it now.

From Radar Online:

Public records revealed South moved into assisted living at Belmont Village of Hollywood Heights, which is a mile away from the Scientology building, last November.

Before that, South lived with her megastar son at his sprawling Beverly Hills mansion.

Her current whereabouts, however, are unknown and sources have raised concerns about her wellbeing.

South’s apartment in Belmont Village remains empty, and some fear she has died. But as of yet, no death certificate has been filed in California or in her previous home state of Florida.

Whether or not Tom knows anything about this – and given that South is his mother, you’d assume he’s been in touch with her or knows her whereabouts – is unknown given that he hasn’t commented publicly about it. Then again, we all know Scientology is shady as shit, so something could have happened there. The question is, has South done anything to piss the Church off? Who knows, but hopefully she’s found safe and sound soon.

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